The best candidates?


To the Editor:

The Providence Journal, in concert with WPRI Channel 12, has conducted a poll concerning the Democrat primary for governor. Thus begging the question, who is leading in this contest of the superfluous?

Providence Mayor Angel Tavares leads this pack of rhetorical champions of nothingness with 33.4 percent. Angel has run thus far on the stance that young children should be cared for and educated. Wow, what a political limb to climb out on!  

Second place finisher General Treasurer and close friend of hedge fund managers Gina Raimondo has perfected a political strategy of collecting recipes and demonstrating family bike rides. Far behind the two leading candidates is Dude, where’s my car candidate, Clay Pell. He has urged us to listen to other voices. Thus leaving us to conclude that he suffers from some delusional psychological malady or he is suggesting we attend a hemp party before we vote.

Last and certainly least, Todd Giroux spends his time pushing around wheel barrels with sea creatures in them. With less than 2 percent, this action has not garnered him a “seal” of approval.

Who needs real issues when we can see this sadly entertaining yet frivolous circus? Leaving the most pertinent question, are these the best Democrat candidates for the governor’s chair?

Christopher M. Curran

West Warwick


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