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(Based on true story of teen crime ring)

The most disturbing movie around this week doesn’t have zombies or super villains. It is the true story of a bunch of rich teenagers who start out on an innocent break-in and continue out of control until they eventually get caught.

You may remember the high schoolers making the news for break-ins at Paris Hilton’s and Lindsay Lohan’s Hollywood Hills homes. Emma Watson is probably the only name you will recognize in “The Bling Ring,” but the young actors do a good job in portraying these bored, spoiled brats whose parents haven’t got a clue what they are up to.

There is lots of drug use, but surprisingly no sex among the gang of misfits who revel in exploring houses of celebrities and taking whatever they desire.

The movie is made up of short vignettes told in retrospect. They go online to get information on when the celebrities will be out of town and where they live. Surprisingly, the break-ins are easy. They always find an open door, no security system and no guards. Their one downfall is a sophisticated camera system. They steal over $3 million before they are caught and, lacking any morals, turn on each other and suffer from no guilt.

“The Bling Ring” is a scary look at the lack of teenage morality in a land where the kids follow the gods of materialism and celebrity. Rated R because of the language and drug use.


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