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The Bourne Legacy


(Spy-chase movie sequel)

Fans of the Robert Ludlum spy novels and subsequent movies will enjoy the latest sequel that puts Bourne (and Matt Damon) on the back burner, focusing on agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) as he is chased all over the world by some real nasty people who are trying to eliminate him.

If you are not a fan, or like us have difficulty trying to remember where the last episode left off, it may take you a while to get on board. Renner makes for a great super spy. He seems a lot tougher than Matt Damon. Edward Norton plays the cold-blooded head of the agency that is trying unsuccessfully to kill Cross and the secret program that has developed superhuman spies.

We first meet Cross as he uses all of his training to survive wolves and blizzard conditions in some place far to the north. (The scenes were filmed in Alberta).

He loses his pills, narrowly escapes a drone attack, and miraculously returns to the secret lab where his live-saving pills are stored. When one of the scientists goes berserk, killing his colleagues, one female scientist escapes, teaming up with Cross to locate his needed blue pills, save him and save the world.

What follows is an exciting, if somewhat familiar, chase scene through various countries, ending up in Manila, where the pair are chased over rooftops, narrow alleys and city streets by both the local police and a hired assassin. They grab a motorcycle for a harrowing final chase.

Will Cross and his lovely scientist cohort find the antidote to save his life? Will they survive and live happily ever after? Will there be another sequel?

Rated PG-13, with lots of violence.


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