The Croods

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* * * ½

(Funny family film)

“The Croods” is one funny, action-packed family film about a Stone Age dysfunctional family that finds the sun and happier days. It is filled with interesting characters, wonderful animals and birds, and some of the best 3D effects in cartoons that we have seen yet. Lots of things come popping out at you along the way.

Nicolas Cage is the voice of Grug, the overprotective father who wants to keep his family confined to the cave for their own safety. Any new thing in their dull lives is unacceptable. Catherine Keener is the voice of his supportive wife.

Emma Stone is the voice of Eep, his rebellious daughter who wants to discover what is beyond the cave and does so one day, only to meet Guy, a handsome and adventurous young boy (voice of Ryan Reynolds). Grug resents Guy and his leadership abilities and interest in his daughter.

The other characters include the crotchety old grandmother, a son and a young daughter. When it appears that the world is crumbling beneath them, Guy leads them to safety and a brand new world with colorful and interesting creatures.

Their trip is filled with adventure, fabulous colorful flora and fauna, some funny lines that can be enjoyed on two levels, and some good messages for the kids about trying new things, loving your family and staying together. Sure, it is silly at times, but that’s OK. Enjoy the silliness as your family meets The Croods. Rated PG.


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