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(Zombie movie parody)

Think of the worst zombie movie you have ever seen. Multiply by 10. And you have The Dead Don't Die.

You may hate this slow-moving, tongue-in-cheek spoof or, like Joyce and I, you may love the zaniness.

Bill Murray's laid-back approach to humor makes him perfect for the role of sheriff of the small town of Centerville, where all of the sudden things don't seem quite right.

The TVs, clocks and radios are going berserk, the sun isn't setting, cows, chickens and cats are disappearing. People are acting strange. Graves are found open. When the owner and waitress at the local diner are found mutilated, the sheriff wonders if it is a wild animal. His matter-of-fact deputy (Adam Driver) thinks it is zombies.

Now, writing this, it doesn't sound at all funny. You've got to be there to enjoy the way they deliver their lines, including Driver's "This is going to end badly.”

We meet a bunch of small town characters, most of whom eventually meet their individual fates. Tilda Swinton, who has played some weird roles over the years, is at her weirdest as the sword swinging undertaker. We'll leave the others to surprise you.

As things appear to be going badly, Driver is given a killer line that will make you laugh out loud and know that you have been had.

The title, by the way, has been taken from the movie's "theme song" by country singer Sturgil Simpson.

If you have a warped sense of humor, or just want something familiar that is really quite different, catch this one.

Rated R because of some profanity and a makeup artist that does a good job showing the blood and gore.


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