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The Dictator


* * * * (Fans)

(Vile satire, with a few funny moments)

Joyce can't stand Sacha Baron Cohen and, after suffering through Borat and the previews of this vile comedy, refused to go with me. I admit to disliking the gross and irreverent comedy of this English comedian, but do admit to laughing a few times, along with the young, admiring audience members.

Cohen plays Admiral General Aladeen, dictator of the fictional Mid-Eastern Wadiya, who flies to New York City to address the United Nations. Ben Kingsley plays his not-so-faithful aide who plots to assassinate him and manipulate his numbskull double.

Aladeen escapes, running amok in the streets of New York, where he is a strange stranger in a land whose culture astounds him. He is taken in by Zoe (Anna Faris), a young, naive member of the Free Earth Collective.

Under the guise of satire, every thought and action from Aladeen is either racist, homophobic, chauvinistic, inappropriate, vulgar, vile, Anti-Semitic and just plain trash. If you like this sort of stuff, as many of the younger generation in the theatre seemed to, you're welcome to it. I'll sit through it. Joyce will stay home.

Rated a big R for all the reasons listed above.


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