The Expendables II


(Outrageous action movie spoof)

Old guys rule!
If you don't take this outrageous action movie seriously, you'll have a ball watching this pack of senior citizen action stars perform miraculous feats, save a village, wipe out hundreds of bad guys and live to tell about it.
There were a number of young adult males in the matinee audience, and they laughed continuously at the antics of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren and other over-50 actors as they fought the bad guys, stopping occasionally to catch their breath and spurt out hilarious one-liners relating to their advanced years.
The movie opens with a wild action movie scene in Nepal with our heroes breaking into a heavily guarded fortress to free a prisoner (surprise as to who he is). It continues with the crew taking on a mission to repay an adversary (Bruce Willis). The mission fails. They lose a man. They are humiliated by their enemy (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and chase him down. Along the way, they rescue all the men from a village who have been sent to work in a mine filled with plutonium and save the world.
Stallone is the leader and pilots the crew around the world to such exotic places as Nepal, Albania and China, destroying everything and everybody in their way.
If you don't take it seriously (they don't), it will give you an hour and 45 minutes of mindless action, excitement and laughs. And yes, these old guys do rule. Rated R, with profanity and continues violence.


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