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The Five Year Engagement


(Long, uneven romantic comedy)

How many times can Violet (Emily Blunt) put off her marriage to Tom (Jason Segel)?

That's the premise for this over-long, uneven, romantic comedy about a social psychology graduate intern and her sous chef fiancé.

There are occasional moments of humor amongst the endless patter and mundane situations, but the relationship between Tom and Violet is so ridiculous that you want to yell to them, "Get on with your lives. Go your separate ways!" And they do for a while, but you just know how they'll end up.

Tom is a chef in San Francisco, set for a big promotion when Violet gets accepted to a doctorate program at the University of Michigan. Tom tags along, finding it unbearable to leave sunny California for cold and snowy Michigan.

The audience suffers along with Tom, as he searches for a job and ends up making sandwiches in a deli, goes deer hunting with his newfound friend, and longs to be back in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Violet becomes closely attached to her professor (Rhys Ifans) and her co-workers, as they pursue dumb projects.

There's a subplot involving Violet's sister and her obnoxious husband. Most of the other characters are equally unlikable, and even Violet and Tom will get on your nerves.

So much for caring about the characters or romantic charisma. A good idea that fails miserably.

Rated R with profanity and sexual activity.


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