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(Profane, politically incorrect but funny buddy movie)

We get a little tired of Melissa McCarthy’s garbage mouth. She is so sweet and loving on her TV comedy series, “Mike and Molly.” But put her in R rated films like “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat” and every other word out of her mouth is a profanity or a vulgarity.

And that’s a shame, because “The Heat” has some very funny moments. McCarthy and Sandra Bullock get five stars as a comedy team. Their physical humor and comic timing is near perfect.

Bullock plays Ashburn, an arrogant, uptight FBI agent hated by everyone she works with. She is up for a promotion, so her boss sends her to Boston to test her mettle on a major drug/murder case. She teams up with Mullins (McCarthy), a foul-mouthed, uncouth, angry cop who makes her life, and everyone’s life, a living hell.

Opposites do not attract, as the two approach their job from different perspectives. Ashburn is by the book, while Mullins is “shoot first and ask questions later.”

While much of the humor takes advantage of McCarthy’s weight (watch her trying to get out of her penned-in car in a parking lot), she shows no mercy for putting down crooks, cops and an albino DEA officer.

There is no room for political correctness in this one. References to certain body parts, sexual activity or just all-around grossness dominates the humor, and that is too bad, because toning it down with a PG-13 rating would attract a much larger audience.

Bullock has a great sense for comedy and plays well off McCarthy. They each have their backstories, which made them what they are today. Ashburn has no family, while Mullins has the family from hell.

Oh, yes, this is a crime comedy, so we have a bunch of villains and the usual car chases before the heat comes down on the bad guys and the two opposites finally bond.

The large matinee crowd laughed out loud a number of times. Of course, McCarthy’s utter grossness was also greeted with laughter.

Rated R for its complete crudeness.  


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If you need a good laugh , this is a great movie. yes there is a lot of swearing . But there is not a lot of blood

Saturday, July 20, 2013