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The Intouchables


(Heartwarming, humorous French film)

Get on over to the Avon and catch this wonderfully heartwarming and humorous French film about an ex-con who lands a job as caretaker to a paraplegic wealthy older man.

Omar Sy plays Driss, a black man from the ghetto who applies for the job, wanting to be turned away and get his papers signed so he can collect unemployment. Philippe (Francois Cluzet), after interviewing many potential aidesin funny scenes that poke fun at all the clichés aimed at the handicapped, hires Driss, who shows no signs of pity or compassion...just what the paraplegic is looking for.

Driss' on-the-job training is hysterical as he forgets that Philippe can't use his hands or legs and that he will have to do everything–everything<– for him.

You would expect that this would make for a tear-jerking movie, and there are a number of emotional moments, but as the relationship between the two completely opposite men grows, you will laugh along with them and cheer for them. The joy of the movie is watching both men change, grow and learn to enjoy each other and life's little pleasures.

The movie opens before the credits, with an ending scene that has the two speeding away from the police, with Driss talking his way out of a sticky situation. Then the story begins with the interview and follows the two characters through to the very satisfying conclusion.

While based on a true story, with an epilogue telling us "where they are now" and showing the actual men, we are certain that the authors have taken great poetic license in telling the story. And that's all right. It makes for fascinating movie watching.

Rated R, with profanity, drugs, sex and an adult approach to a fascinating relationship.


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