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(Old-fashioned B western)

Dane DeHaan stars as Billy the Kid and Ethan Hawke is Pat Garrett in this old-fashioned B western. The title has a double meeting, standing for Billy the Kid and Rio, a young kid (Jake Shur) who befriends him.

Rio kills his father as he is savagely beating his mother. He and his sister run away, but are chased down by his mean uncle (Chris Pratt).

Sheriff Garrett catches Billy the Kid, who was holed up in the same abandoned shack with Rio and his sister. Garrett shackles Billy and his gang and heads off to give the outlaw a fair trial, giving Rio and Sara a ride. There are escape attempts, gunfights and a bonding between Billy and Rio. Sara ends up in a brothel, thanks to her uncle, and Rio sets out to free her.

This one will win no awards, but if you grew up watching westerns you'll enjoy the old gunfights and western atmosphere. If you remember your history, you'll know what happens to Billy and Garrett.

Rated a big R, with lots of violence and some profanity.


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