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(Adventure, survival & romance)

Kate Winslet plays Alex, a photographer on her way from Idaho to Denver to get married. Idris Elba plays Ben, a London surgeon scheduled on the same plane to perform an operation on a young boy. Their plane is canceled due to weather conditions. She suggests they hire a private plane.

Beau Bridges plays the pilot who has a heart attack while flying over desolate, snowy mountain ranges. The plane crashes. The pilot dies. Ben, Alex and the dog survive, with all three sustaining some injuries.

After three days in the remains of the plane, Alex is ready to plow through the snow, ice and cold. Ben is not. She leaves. He follows. They encounter a cougar, a bear trap, thin ice and each other.

Ben doesn't want to talk about his broken marriage and resents Alex's probing into his private life. Eventually, when it looks like they are not going to make it, he opens up and they bond. Then they more than bond.

They couldn't be more different. He is a realist, while she is an optimist. He is stoic. She admits her fears. The fact that he is black and she is white is never mentioned and never an issue. Good for the writers!

Will they make it? And if they do, what does the future hold for this relationship?

Bring the hankies for the outcome.

Rated PG-13, with some sex, a bit of profanity and some intense scenes.


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