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The Muppets


(Fun tribute to classic characters)

Don't be late, or you'll miss the "Toy Story" short, which sets the tone for a wonderful Muppet reunion movie.

We all remember the Muppets, many growing up with them on TV and in the movies. In this charming film, they have all gone their separate ways.

We meet Gary (Jason Segal), a nice guy who is devoted to his brother Walter, who just happens to look like a Muppet. Gary has been engaged to Mary (Amy Adams) for 10 years. They plan a trip to Los Angeles, and Gary decides to bring Walter with them. Mary shows great patience with her long-time fiancé, even though she is constantly competing with Walter for attention.

All Walter wants to do is visit the Muppet Studios, which has fallen into ruin. Walter wanders off on his own and overhears Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), an evil businessman who plans to buy the studio and drill for the oil under the property. Gary, Mary and Walter track down a retired Kermit and tell him the bad news.

What to do? Why, dig up the old gang and put on a telethon to raise 10 million bucks and save the theatre before the sales deadline.

That's pretty much the "let's put on a show" storyline, but what makes this movie so delightful is the combination of live actors and Muppet characters. They are all there: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Animal and dozens of others, bringing back some fond memories for young and old.

There are many references to the wholesomeness of the Muppets versus some of the garbage the children watch today. There are also many clever lines that adults will enjoy, plus great songs and production numbers.

It is all about believing in yourself and the importance of family, concluding in a wonderful production number that will leave you smiling and whistling all the way home.

Rated PG, with some comic violence.


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