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(Kiddie cartoon feature)

Surly the squirrel (voice of Will Arnett) is one selfish squirrel, much to the dislike of the other city park creatures.

The cartoon feature opens with Surly trying to steal a nut vender’s cart, crashing into the tree that supplies enough nuts to carry the animals through the winter, and is banished from the park.

Surly and his rat friend head to the city streets, where they discover a nut shop, which turns out to be a front for a gang of bank robbers. Surly teams up with the park critters in an attempt to outwit the dumb bank robbers and get the nuts stored in the basement. The robbers have other plans.

All this leads to a lot of chases and running around, with the bad guys getting the worst of it and their guard dog helping out the animals. Lots of puns in this one, but not enough to hold our interest. Flatulence and burping keep the little ones giggling.

The drawings are good and the voices fit the animals. There’s a message about working together and not being selfish. Send the kids and go shopping.

Rated PG with cartoon violence and crude humor.


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