The Ron Newman Agency

An Allstate Insurance affiliate for greater peace of mind


He is just like the guy next door ~ friendly, accessible, helpful, personable, trustworthy. He values the same things you do ~ his family, his home, his hard-earned possessions, his health. He is a father of three, a husband and a friend ~ and he is also your local independent insurance agent. He is Ron Newman, and he is the owner of the Ron Newman Agency, an affiliate of Allstate Insurance. As Ron says, "I am not just a nameless face behind a '1-800" number, I am located right nearby to help you get the protection you need, and the insurance coverage you are, in many cases, mandated to have. In this world of so much uncertainty, and when the prospect of losing everything is more than just a bad nightmare, you need someone looking out for you."

As an agent who has been in the business for nearly 20 years, Ron can expertly navigate his way through the seemingly endless and often confusing steps involved in finding, and then procuring the best insurance policies for your individual needs. He also knows how to obtain the most affordable rates for these coverages:

• Auto Insurance

• Homeowners, Condo & Renters

• Motorcycle and Boat

• Personal Liability

• Mobile Home

• Accident & Disability

• Life Insurance

• Fixed and Indexed Annuities

While this agency can assist you in any of these protections, Ron specializes in car and homeowners insurance. He knows that a little car insurance knowledge equals a lot of power, especially over situations where one can often feel powerless. He also knows that the only way to protect your home against either minor or catastrophic loss is to have a secure homeowner's policy. From what each coverage actually covers to information on protecting your loved ones, Ron will help you make smart and informed insurance decisions. With his help, you can get great protection at a great price.

Ron is quick to remind his clients that when purchasing insurance, you can receive significant discounts on your insurance premiums when you "bundle" two or more of your Allstate policies together. As a father and husband, he knows that every penny saved is a penny spent on the kinds of experiences that allow families to grow strong and united, with greater peace of mind.

The Ron Newman Agency, located in the stately brick building on 873 Warwick Avenue, can be reached at 781-5335. Ron is also partnered with one of Allstate's Personal Financial Representatives, Chuck Delmonte, who is available to help with all your other financial planning concerns.

In gratitude for all the support Ron has been given by his loyal clientele over the years, he is offering a $10.00 gift card for those who refer new clients to the agency.


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