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Think Like a Man


(Tedious tale of modern relationships)

This tedious two-hour movie is filled with too many characters who rattle on too long about their relationships.

It all starts when four unhappy young modern women read Steve Harvey's self-help book, "Act Like a Lady; Think Like a Man.” Every time one of the women finds herself in a confrontation with her man, Harvey appears on screen with some helpful advice.

The writers invent characters who are opposites, such as the momma's boy versus the momma with a boy, and the player versus a woman with a 90-day rule about having sex. On paper, it is a clever premise, but it is beaten to death on the big screen. The acting is good in the ensemble piece, but much of the dialogue seems contrived.

The multi-racial cast makes for a good mix, with African American, Caucasian and interracial couples all dealing with their relationships, but the constant jumping from one couple to another gets to be annoying.

Things do get more interesting when the guys discover that they have been "played" by the girls, who are trying Harvey's techniques. Then the girls discover that the guys have read the book. The guys seem to spend all of their time either on the basketball court or the local bar, exchanging acceptable racial humor, some of which is quite funny.

Bravo to Hollywood for treading into new territory. We just wish the script could have been better for these talented actors.

Rated PG-13, but aimed at a "hip" young adult audience. There are many, many sexual references and situations aimed at a "mature" audience.


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