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This Means War


(Romantic rivalry between spies)

"This Means War" opens and closes with action sequences to please the young males who are bringing their dates to see a romantic comedy, with two CIA operatives vying for the same young lady.

Chris Pine plays FDR, a slick, handsome spy posing as a ship's captain, while his close buddy and partner, Tuck (Tom Hardy), pretends to be a travel agent.

Tuck is divorced with a young son, while FDR is an eligible bachelor. The two are courting the same girl (Reese Witherspoon), unbeknownst to her, setting up a series of silly encounters, as "spy vs. spy,” in the old MAD Magazine style. They spy on each other, using their co-workers at the CIA, setting up elaborate surveillance techniques, many of which are ridiculous.

Lauren dates and becomes romantically involved with both men, who have established a "gentleman's agreement" on how they will handle their rivalry, an agreement that they both break.

It all comes down to which of these lying, cheating spies will Lauren choose. Mixed in the decision is the cooperative work that the spies must do to catch a really bad guy.

Chelsea Handler plays Witherspoon's annoying friend, giving her bad advice along the way.

There are a few funny scenes and a closing car chase that will keep you interested, but "This Means War" is nothing more than a skirmish.

Rated PG-13, with some violence and sex.


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