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(Marvel Comics sequel)

This sequel has plenty of adventure, spectacular special effects, an appealing hero (Chris Hemsworth), plus some great tongue-in-cheek humor. If you are not a fan and if mythology is not your favorite subject, you may have trouble following the confusing plot and set of characters.

The Dark Elves have turned the cosmos into darkness, hence the sub-title, The Dark World. And is the movie ever dark, and made even darker with the 3D glasses.

The movie begins with a brief prologue, then switches to what seems like the present. The Nine Worlds, which look like colorful blobs in the sky, are converging.

Thor reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), and they try to save the universe from the Dark Elves. Anthony Hopkins plays Thor’s father, Odin, while Tom Hiddleston plays his evil half-brother, Loki.

There are battles and more battles, as the action switches back and forth between modern day London and ancient, distant landscapes. Fans who are up on the series have a hands up over those of us who are completely lost.

Hemsworth makes an imposing Thor, complete with his magical hammer, Mjolnir. He has a likeable smile and displays a good sense of humor. And if you want to be completely confused, sit through the credits for a post-script, signaling more to come.

Rated PG-13, with sci-fi violence.


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