Those vacations


To the Editor:
My father’s brother, Edward Furey, worked as a street-care driver in downtown Pawtucket, but he had an interesting life. He married a woman from Ireland whose first name was Peggy (probably Margaret) and they had four children: Eileen, Peggy, Jimmy and George. They lived in a property that was a double lot, facing two parallel streets. One was Vincent Avenue and I think the number was 126.
My mother, Amelia Mildred “Milly” Retzloff Furey, said Aunt Peggy was too bossy. Mom was right.
On a week’s vacation from school, I was invited to stay at their home. The next morning, Aunt Peggy got all 5 of us kids out of bed and brought all of us to the bathroom. Then, she ordered us to take off all of our clothes. As an only child, I never became naked in front of others and was terribly embarrassed, but she made me do it. I left for home later that day.
Another vacation there ended badly. I was out in their large yard, riding on a dandle. I decided to go into the house for a glass of water, but on the way I tripped and fell, causing an injury to my arm. The ache continued for hours, so they took me to the Rhode Island Hospital’s Emergency Room, where I had an x-ray. The result was a dislocated left elbow. I was placed in bed and stayed there for a whole week.
Some vacation!

Rosetta (Furey) Desrosiers


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