Time to protect liberties


To the Editor:

With Independence Day having passed, the day our country celebrates its liberty from tyranny – it’s imperative Americans take a moment to reflect upon the freedom they’re losing each day that passes under the imperial “pen” and “phone” president of Barack Obama.

John F. Kennedy once said, “May we think of freedom, not as the right to be as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” Obama continuously violates the Constitution, to the dismay of members of Congress, the American people, and even the Supreme Court, which has ruled that he has overstepped his executive authority on many occasions.

His administration has launched a cover-up of the IRS, targeting conservatives. Obama has joked about auditing opponents and then the IRS did. There’s no question that if any other administration had used the IRS as a political weapon to attack political opponents, that president would have and should have been impeached! However, the largely liberal/biased media protects Obama, like a king – letting him get away with dismissing scandals as “phony.”

The Benghazi scandal cover-up wasn’t phony; nor was failing to notify Congress about a “deal” to release five extremely dangerous terrorists for a soldier who deserted, a phony issue.

Anger toward the government is growing and “We the People” know what’s going on and “We” don’t like it. Ask yourself what future you want to pass along to your children and grandchildren. A country where you’re afraid to speak your mind or risk being punished by our government? Or a country where your constitutional rights are respected?

This November, the choice and vote is yours.

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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