Tips for Outdoor Weddings


Having a wedding is a challenge if you want to hold it outdoors. The weather is uncertain and it can be too chilly or too hot, even in the mildest seasons.

That being said, if you dream of tying the knot in a field of daffodils or under the green shoots of a maple, there’s nothing like holding your dream wedding in nature.

What can you do to prevent some of the common problems faced by outdoor weddings? Here are some tips to ensure that your day is perfect:

1. Have a backup plan. No matter what the weather forecast, you should always have a backup location for your wedding that is indoors. This could be the church, a large home, a hall — just about anywhere. Remember, it’s a backup, but pick a place that you would be happy to be married in, just in case.

2. Dress appropriately. If you're getting married in a cool month, consider a wedding dress with long sleeves and made of a heavier fabric, such as satin or brocade. And don’t forget your bridesmaids. They can have long sleeves, as well. If it’s very cold out, wear tights under the dress to keep your legs from freezing. If it's hot, consider that with your dress selections as well.

3. Choose the right location. The beach in February, unless you live in Florida, is probably going to be pretty chilly. Look for a space that is beautiful but shielded somewhat from the elements, and your wedding party will be happy about it.

4. Secure your hair. Whether you choose to wear a veil or do your hair up, make sure it is very secure. There are often sudden gusts of wind outdoors, and you don’t want your carefully prepared curls whipping around your face on this special occasion.

5. Keep it simple. If you need to move indoors, it will be far easier if you don’t have a very elaborate setup. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy a lovely wedding setup, but simplify where you can. You’ll also save money this way, which is often on the agenda, too. Often a simple bower is the ideal place for the couple to stand, while folding chairs work perfectly for everyone who is attending and are very easy to move.

An outdoor wedding can be a wonderful affair, even if things go wrong. You just need to plan ahead. When you have everything set up and backup plans in place, you’ll be able to enjoy your big day completely.


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