Toll Gate student’s project to help police keep keys in place


Brian Camerlin, a special needs student at Toll Gate High School, was proud to present a new key cabinet he had helped build to Captain Thomas Hannon of the Warwick Police on Friday.

Camerlin, a freshman at Toll Gate, had been asked by his teacher, Jeffrey Perry, to assist with the project. Perry had been approached by the police to build the cabinet at the beginning of the school year, and Perry knew Camerlin would make a good assistant.

“Whatever you ask Brian to do, he does it,” said Perry. “He is such a great kid.”

Camerlin is a student in Toll Gate’s Growth Opportunities Program, a special education program designed to help students take part in activities they may not otherwise be able to.

“Mr. Perry has been very good about working with Brian,” said Christina Metelski, head of the Growth Opportunities Program.

Camerlin has been in Perry’s Material Processing class since September and Perry provides modified projects that Camerlin is able to complete with little to no assistance.

“He wants to do everything,” said Perry.

In terms of the key cabinet for the police station, Camerlin assisted Perry by oiling, sanding, and making and sanding plugs on the piece.

“We greatly appreciate it,” said Hannon, who took the cabinet back to the station after meeting Camerlin and Perry.

“Right now, we have keys spread all over the place for all different buildings throughout the city. Now we are gonna organize it and put all of the keys in [the cabinet].”

After his experience this past year with Camerlin, Perry plans on working with Metelski to create a modified class so more special needs students will be able to have a woodshop experience next year.


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