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Total Recall


(Dark sci-fi chase movie)

If you recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger played the hero in the original. Colin Farrell plays Douglas Farrell in this one, and he's much better than Arnold.Too bad the movie isn't any better.

It is the end of the 21st century. Earth has been at war, and only two areas remain livable, Great Britain and Australia. Britain rules the colony of Australia, where all of the outcasts have been sent. They travel back and forth to Britain by a strange space train called The Fall, where they perform difficult work under the control of robot officers.

Doug is bored. His daily life, even with a beautiful wife (Beckinsale), has no excitement. He lives in a dreary community high above the city, where it seems to be always dark and rainy. Doug decides to try Rekall, a mysterious place that creates exciting memories. He decides that he would like to have been a spy. The robots break in as he is sitting in the chair, killing everyone in the room. Of course, Doug escapes.

The rest of the two-hour movie is one long chase scene, where no one can be trusted, even his wife. He is aided by a revolutionary (Jessica Biel), who seems to know him from his previous life as a spy.

The main question, which is never really answered, is whether all that happens to him is true, or the result of Rekall.

Doug, or Hauser as he is now known, leads the revolutionaries against Cohagen (Bryan Cranston), gets the stuffing knocked out of him over and over, but always rises to fight again. Talk about your superhero!

Special effects are interesting, including two-tier cities and flying cars, but the movie is so dark and depressing that it is difficult to relate to. Is it real or is it Memorex?

Rated PG-13, with some profanity and lots of violence.


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