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Trying something new


I run an Airbnb in Warwick. I have done this for over four years. I’ve entertained over 600 guests from 16 countries. I love it for many reasons. I love meeting people from all over the world and I love showing them Warwick and all that our city has to offer.

As part of being a Superhost for Airbnb, they gifted me with a $100 certificate that I could use for a stay at one of their properties. I’m never one to waste something like that, but I’m not going to lie….it took me a long time to make the decision as to when and where. I had to make sure my place was covered if I had guests and then I had to do what everyone has done that has stayed at my place, read all the reviews, check out the descriptions and pick one.

It was daunting. But finally I stepped out of my comfort zone and rented an Airbnb in Eastham, Massachusetts, which is close to the tip of the cape. It was described as a “Charming Sea Captain’s Home.” It did not disappoint. The hosts were this wonderful couple, probably in their early to mid-70s. Their names were Jo-Leal and John. He was a musician and she was an artist. The house itself had lots of rooms and passageways to different areas. Our room was an adorable, small but very comfortable room that really made you feel like you had stepped back in time. We did have the luxury of our own bathroom.

My favorite rooms were the music room that had a piano and several guitars and an oboe and a beautiful porched-in area with an incredible view of a wonderful garden with small paths decorated with sculptures and lots of fun things to look at. Jo-Leal’s artwork was beautiful and adorned many of the walls. I had brought a picnic lunch that we enjoyed on the porch. We spent our day checking out the beautiful coastline before coming back to our lovely room to get ready for dinner. They were so gracious they invited us for wine before we left for dinner and we met and chatted with their other guests. It was all great fun.

In the morning our hosts offered us some breakfast treats and we all sipped coffee and shared our Airbnb stories. So the moral of the story is to step out of your comfort zone; you never know what wonders you will discover!


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