Unlikely duo starts mission to help shelter dogs


Everyone hopes to find their true calling in life. New Zealand native Adam Haar is no different, it just took him a bit of world traveling to find his.

That calling came in the form of helping shelter dogs find their forever homes, and he is teaming up with a Rhode Island “Animal Print” magazine publisher Stephanie Georgia to try and turn his passion into a full-time job.

“I always loved dogs, but about three years ago I had an epiphany,” Haar explained during a recent visit to the East Greenwich Animal Protection League in Cranston. He said that he had been working in construction when he decided he needed a change.

Haar began traveling across the United States in 2017, going state to state and visiting animal shelters all along the way while couch surfing wherever he could find a host. His travels took him to shelters with high-profile dogs, some of which came from the rescue of dogs used in the infamous fighting ring supported by former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

Originally, Haar would make short selfie-style videos while visiting dogs in the shelter, but it wasn’t until he came to Rhode Island and met up with Georgia – and the two quickly connected over their passion for helping animals – that the idea to create a social media group focused on that effort came to be.

“I just thought, he’d be really good on camera while helping these dogs,” Georgia said. With Haar on camera walking the dogs and playing with them, Georgia is in charge of shooting and editing the videos.

Now, the Kiwi K9 Project is off the ground and looking to grow rapidly into a worldwide nonprofit with the mission of giving exposure to animal shelters and dogs in need, with the hopes of getting more homeless dogs adopted through the use of compelling visual storytelling in short, three-minute videos.

They have already created a video for an East Greenwich Animal Protection League pup, Gracie, which can be found on the Kiwi K9 Project Instagram page. It features shots from when the pair took Gracie around the Ocean State, visiting breweries and beaches and gaining a good report with the dog to show off her natural personality.

“The idea is to get the dog out into the normal looking world and see how they behave and react,” Haar said. “The documentaries will bring attention to these dogs.”

Haar and Georgia have set up a website, as well as a Facebook and the aforementioned Instagram account. To be able to do what he loves and help dogs in need is the ultimate calling for Haar.

“To make a living just being exposed to dogs would be the end goal for me,” he said. “And to save a lot of dogs would be the best. Humans can learn a lot from dogs."

You can learn more about the Kiwi K9 Project at KiwiK9Project.com.


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