Urge Senate to action on Roe v. Wade codification


To the Editor:

Recently, a postcard with a photo of my family started showing up in mailboxes around Warwick, specifically in Senate District 29. It was important for me to take action because activists have been working for decades to pass legislation to protect the right to abortion in our state. The Reproductive Health Care Act (S 152A) is a rejection of the Trump-Pence agenda to undermine women’s rights and withhold the right to make our own decisions. It makes sure that even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe that in Rhode Island our people will have the right to seek safe, legal abortion care.

The momentum behind this bill is growing. We are lucky in Warwick to have Senator Erin Lynch Prata and Senator Mark McKenney who have both pledged their support for passing the RHCA as is with no amendments. Senator Mike McCaffrey stated support for codifying Roe in the past but has yet to support the RHCA. That is what this bill does. We need him to come through on his commitment.

As a fellow resident of Warwick, I urge you to reach out to him at (401) 739-7576. Ask him to do all he can as Senate Majority Leader to bring S. 152A to the floor for a vote with no amendments and to fulfill his campaign promise. No more delays!

Sarah Kelly-Palmer



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This bill was not about saving Roe v Wade it was about late-term abortions and it's disingenuous to say otherwise. Praise God it was defeated yesterday 5 to 4 no thanks to you apparently. And by the way a baby is not part of a woman's body like an appendix or an arm. it is a whole separate life.

Wednesday, May 15

Unfortunately, yet realistically, 'abortion' is actually a 'destructive' process to a developing life (NOT a REPRODUCTIVE advantage) as say Birth Control provides an 'interruption' to the (possible) developing process .... we are too consumed in semantics versus what the genuine birth development process is all about ... try to look into teaching others about another option called 'abstinence' ... it's quite a deep cleansing and profound reflection in other cultures and personal enhancement techniques ....


Wednesday, May 15

da 191 people of death row in alabama are glads that they aint getting executed now. all life is sacred

Thursday, May 16
John Stark

Ms. Palmer, if the procedure you are attempting to 'codify' with great 'momentum' were performed on a dog, the perpetrator would be rightly charged with a felony. Ought we not afford the same protections to unborn children that we do to dogs? Or, has modern feminism reached such extremes that even babies who survive abortion are afforded no human rights? I ask the last question rhetorically, of course, as we now know the answer.

Tuesday, May 21