Vets' health program could be an answer


To the Editor:

Medical care for our veterans has been a hot topic for a lot of years and going back to World War I and II. So there are a lot of years to perfect the operation and administration of healthcare to our vets, yet I have not heard of anybody shouting from the rooftop or the front page of our newspapers telling us how great that program functions.

In fact, it seems that we keep talking about how it is not working and how we have let our vets down. In fact, there are a number of groups that have taken on the chore of raising money to help our vets with healthcare. I know I get a number of requests. Now the veteran’s healthcare as I understand it, is a federally run program, and for our vets I believe it is a single payer program.

Now I have not heard anyone say “lets have a healthcare system like the one that severs our veterans” and I mean the healthcare system before President Trump took office. In fact, the healthcare for our vets is not even talked about or lifted up as being a good example of good healthcare. Maybe we should enroll all those who want a government run healthcare into the veterans system and give the veterans the option of being in a non-government run program. No thank you, I do not want government deciding my healthcare.

Allan Bucklin



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