Victim of fake news


To the Editor:

Rear Admiral Dr. Ron Jackson was an outstanding nomination for Director of the Veterans Administration. Predictably, he was attacked from all directions as part of an ongoing effort to disrupt the Trump administration.

Without a skip, multiple news organizations were quick and unrelenting to report every unsubstantiated report with little regard for “who, what, why and where.” Since Dr. Jackson’s withdrawal, evidence is emerging in support of the proposition that the doctor is another victim of fake news.

While s

ubscribing to mystical allegations, both the press and the Democrat Party used brazen character assassination to destroy any chance that V. Admiral Jackson would be confirmed.  

Does anyone suppose that this attack on the doctor is the type of thing that Channel 10 alluded to when they announced their policy against fake news? And did the Providence Journal protest too much with their editorial attack against the station’s policy?

C. Christopher Sirr



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