Voter choices: Looking ahead or turning the clock back


To the Editor:

I believe there are three kinds of government: the first strives to make life better and less onerous for its citizens; the second is content to muddle along maintaining the status quo, not doing further harm but not lifting up living standards; and the third (whether intentionally or not) makes things worse for, if not all, at least certain segments of society.
Today’s Democratic Party is an example of the first type. Under Obama, many now have access to health care, which they lacked before; terrorism is, if not on the wane, at least under siege; the economy is better than when the president first took office; and civil liberties are being enhanced for groups previously stigmatized.
A prime example of the third kind is today’s Republican Party. Their party platform calls for denying basic rights to gays, restricting access to health care by eliminating Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and Medicare and Medicaid; denying women the right to have an abortion by making personhood the law of the land; and making the poor pay for the rich through a ludicrously unfinanced and underfinanced budget.
Yet the GOP, during their convention speeches, presents itself as the savior of a broken system. This is hypocrisy of the highest order since it is Republican plans and schemes, which wrecked the economy during the Bush era. They claim they are defenders of women’s rights yet have in place a platform that would not only end abortion for any reason (including the mother’s health) but would criminalize the act and would deny women access to cancer screenings. They want to demolish programs that benefit the poor while at the same time instituting a budget that would require those same poor to subsidize tax cuts for the rich (which includes their presidential nominee, Mitt Romney). This party is anti-gay, anti-women, anti-blacks and Latinos and anti-any other religion except fundamental Christianity (how they square that with Romney’s Mormonism indicates how skewed their doctrine is). Religiously, they are the American Taliban since no religious voice but theirs should be heard and their religious tenets must be obeyed, even if you’re not in their denomination.
In November we have the choice of a government looking beyond 2012 toward the future (the Democrats) or a party that wants to go back to the ’50s. For me, the choice seems simple.

Barry Nordin


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