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(Weak romantic comedy)

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston star as a big city couple who lose their jobs, pack their belongings in their car, and head out to live with his obnoxious brother and drunken wife. They stop along the way at the Elysium B & B, which turns out to be a hippie commune, filled with some really weird people. They smoke a lot of pot, participate in "truth circles,” which brings out the worst in them, and get caught up in the free love practice.

She wants to stay; he wants to go. He goes; he comes back.

Meanwhile, businessmen want to take over the land for a casino. The deed is missing. It's found. The commune leader turns out to be not so ethical.

Can they save the commune? Can our couple find happiness?

There are a few funny moments, most of which you will see in the trailer. Otherwise, it is kind of silly and fluffy.

Rated R, with nudity, profanity, sex and lots of drugs.


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