War of words


To the Editor:

I would like to take a moment and humbly apologize to Barry for my letter concerning Obama's vacationing. These were my inane and pathetic observations, but I never meant to cause such emotional turmoil in Barry's life.

For him to write such a letter attacking me on every front made me realize how callous and cruel I have been to someone he admires so. He seems to have no trouble verbally assaulting me, but a war of words proves nothing.

I find it admirable that he should have the fortitude to verbally protect someone he has probably never met. I, on the other hand, did meet Mr. Obama while serving in a combat zone in Iraq. Again Barry, accept my humble apologies for having caused you such anxiety over my vicious attacks of someone who you have probably never met.

John Cervone

Combat Veteran

Retired U.S. Army


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Barry is a snowflake. At least with Obama's vacationing now, he can't do us any (much) serious damage because he is no longer in power.

Friday, July 21, 2017