Police Log - 11/15/18



On Nov. 4 at approximately 12:44 a.m., Officer Alfred Silveira was on routine patrol traveling east on West Shore Road when he observed a white pickup truck with a Rhode Island commercial plate traveling west and driving over the fog line very close to the curb. 

Silveira made a u-turn and began traveling behind the truck, proceeding to observe the vehicle swerving back and forth between its lane and over the fog line, nearly striking the curb several times. The vehicle was also observed over-correcting and passing over the double striped yellow line into the oncoming lane of traffic. Silveira then activated his overhead lights and initiated a traffic stop in the area of West Shore Road and Judith Avenue.

Upon contacting the driver, identified as John O’Connor, 39, of 55 Orchard Valley Drive in Cranston, Silveira asked where he was coming from, to which O’Connor replied he was coming from work. Silveira described O’Connor as being unable to multitask retrieving his paperwork and answer his questions. While speaking, Silveira noticed a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and that his speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot.

Silveira asked if O’Connor had had any alcohol, to which he replied yes, admitting to having a couple of “IPAs.” When asked to step out of the vehicle to conduct field sobriety tests, O’Connor reportedly attempted to unbuckle his seatbelt, which was already unbuckled. He nearly lost balance multiple times while walking towards the area used for sobriety testing.

Due to Silveira’s training and O’Connor’s inability to pass any of the field sobriety tests, O’Connor was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. On the trip to Warwick Police Headquarters, O’Connor said that the incident would ruin his career. O’Connor refused to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test, and was charged with DUI, first offense – B.A.C. unknown, one count of refusal to take a chemical test, first offense, laned roadway violation and no insurance, as he could not locate his insurance card in the vehicle.

O’Connor was processed and given a summons and was released to a sober adult.


On Nov. 7 at approximately 9:10 a.m., Officers Rose Michel, Ali Jaafarand Officer Vargas were dispatched to the area of Bald Hill Road near Panera Bread for the report of an erratic vehicle operator. 

While en route, the reporting party advised the suspect was driving a green Ford F-150 truck and was described to be swerving in and out of traffic. Officer Michel stopped the vehicle when it proceeded onto East Avenue, prior to the Route 95 on-ramp.

The operator, later identified as Warren Peckham, 45, of 8 Tuckerman St. in West Warwick, was observed as having a bright flush red face with severely bloodshot eyes. He had slurred speech with an extremely strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He said he was coming from a friend’s house, where he had been drinking.

When asked to step out of the vehicle to conduct a roadside sobriety test, Peckham stumbled and was unable to maintain his balance by himself. Peckham stated he had consumed between one half and one entire pint of vodka. When asked if he would submit to sobriety tests, Peckham said, “I’ll probably blow over” and that he would probably fail the preliminary breath test, so he declined to take one.

Peckham was placed into handcuffs and placed into Sergeant Palumbo’s police SUV, as Peckham’s height and weight meant he would not fit into a standard police cruiser.

Peckham refused a chemical breathalyzer test at Warwick Police headquarters, and was given a summons to appear in Third District Court on charges of DUI, first offence – B.A.C. unknown and a refusal to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test, first offense. He was released into the custody of a sober adult.


On Nov. 2 at approximately 9:12 p.m., Officer Derek Mourato was dispatched to Macy’s at 400 Bald Hill Road for two shoplifters in custody. Upon meeting with the loss prevention officer, Mourato learned that at about 5:30 p.m., the prevention officer observed two female subjects enter the store carrying large, empty handbags, identified as Karine Antelo, 18, of 465 Union Ave. in Providence and Dayana Benavides, 18, of 21 Warren St. in Providence.

Security footage allegedly showed Antelo and Benavides placing multiple miscellaneous clothing items into the bags, then taking the bags into dressing rooms. They then took plastic shopping bags from behind the nearest register and took them to the dressing rooms. Upon exiting, the bags were noticeably filled and Benavides had a large plastic bag with merchandise inside she did not have when entering the store.

Antelo and Benavides then passed all points of purchase without paying, at which point they were apprehended by asset protection personnel. Recovered merchandise included 13 miscellaneous clothing items valued at a combined $759.99 between the two suspects. 

Antelo and Benavides admitted to Officer Mourato of their intentions to steal the merchandise. Antelo was issued a summons to court on Dec. 6 and Benavides was held overnight as she had violated terms of a bail arrangement on a prior domestic violence charge.


On Nov. 3 at approximately 3:25 p.m., Officer Javier Cabreja was dispatched to Macy’s for the report of a shoplifter. Upon arrival, Cabreja met with the loss prevention officer, who had a male subject in custody. 

The male, later identified as Dazhon Bass, 20, of 9 Goddard St. Apt. #1 in Providence, was observed by security entering the store with an empty backpack. Bass then selected multiple items off of display racks, folded them up small and made his way towards the east doors, passing points of sale without attempting to purchase the items.

Bass handed over the items when approached by loss prevention, attempting to resist apprehension. After a brief struggle, Bass was taken to the loss prevention office where the store recovered four items worth a combined $220. Bass was summonsed to Third District Court for shoplifting and was given a no trespass order at the request of Macy’s.


On Nov. 4 at approximately 11:48 a.m., Officer Nicholas Dinardo responded to Macy’s on Bald Hill Road for the report of a male shoplifter in custody.

The male, later identified as Tyler Lanphear, 35, of 622 Elmwood Ave. in Providence, was observed by loss prevention to have entered the electronics department of the store, proceeding to select three JBL Bluetooth speakers and concealing them in his coat pocket. He then exited the store via the east side doors without paying.

Lanphear was detained by loss prevention staff and found to be in possession of the three speakers, valued at $119.97. As the value exceeded $100 and he had previously been convicted of shoplifting,

Lanphear was charged with felony shoplifting. Additionally, Lanphear had a Superior Court warrant as well. He is awaiting the arrival of the bail commissioner for a court date.


On Nov. 4 at approximately 12:37 p.m., Officer Robert Canis-Langlais was dispatched to the Lowe’s at 555 Greenwich Ave. for the report of a shoplifting. Dispatch stated a bald male wearing a black stacket had stolen a DeWalt saw from the store and was waiting for a bus across the street from the lumber area with the stolen saw seated next to him.

Sergeant Steven Nelson and Officer Larson responded to the bus stop prior to the arrival of Canis-Langlaisand detained the suspect, identified as Perry Durand, 31, of 365 Waits Corner Road in South Kingstown. 

Upon meeting with the loss prevention officer, Sergeant Nelson ascertained the store had video footage of Durand walking into the store, taking the saw in question and leaving without attempting to pay. The store wished to file charges for the stealing of the property, which was valued at $89. 

Durand was taken into custody and issued a summons to Third District Court with a charge of one count of misdemeanor shoplifting.


On Nov. 9 at approximately 12:54 p.m., Officer Richard Odell responded to the Warwick Police Department lobby for the report of a larceny from a motor vehicle.

Odell spoke to the reporting party, who indicated that she was showing a house on Post Road. She stated a friend had came into the house and said there were two suspicious looking people, one male and one female, near her vehicle. She said she had locked the vehicle but found it to be unlocked when she went to inspect the vehicle.

She noticed upon her arrival back home that her wallet had been stolen from the vehicle. The wallet is described as a pink Kate Spade wallet valued at $200 that contained her credit card and an unspecified gift card, as well as $45 in cash. 

The reporting party did not wish to press charges but wanted to document the incident.


On Nov. 11 at approximately 9 a.m., Kristina Jackson, 48, of 122 Cole Drive in North Kingstown, entered the police headquarters to report her phone had been stolen. 

She stated that on the previous Sunday, Nov. 4, she had been at Target at 1245 Bald Hill Road. She was shopping in the girls clothing section when she placed her phone down after using it. She realized later it was gone and could not locate it the next day. Utilizing the Find My iPhone feature, she was able to ping a location in North Providence that was using the phone. She was able to remotely lock the phone.

The phone was described as a rose gold iPhone 8 with a cracked screen and back. It is valued at approximately $800. She said she wished to press charges if the perpetrator is found. 


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