Police Log - 12/18/18



On December 9 at approximately 3:12 a.m. Officer Sara Goes was parked at the Dave’s Marketplace on Airport Road facing north when she reported that she observed a black Volvo traveling east on Airport Road turn south onto Warwick Avenue.

Officer Goes followed and eventually located the car traveling at approximately 18 miles per hour as it was bearing right onto Oakland Beach Avenue from Warwick Avenue. She then observed the car almost strike the median on the left side of the lane as it entered Oakland Beach Avenue and cross the solid white line near the median.

As she followed the vehicle, Officer Goes reported that the car continued to drive at a low rate of speed while crossing the solid white fog line with both passenger side tires, and it also crossed the double yellow line with both driver’s side tires approximately four times. A traffic stop was then initiated in the area of Oakland Beach Avenue and Victory Street.

Officer Michael Bailey arrived on scene to provide assistance, and they met with the driver, identified as Yvon Alexandre, 62, of 80 Messer Street in Providence, who attempted to exit the vehicle. After asking him to stay in the car, the officer reported that he detected a strong odor of alcohol emanating from Alexandre.

According to the report, Alexandre stated that he had been drinking at a friend’s house in Warwick and was headed home. He first stated that he has consumed two Miller Lite beers and two shots of Black Label, but later stated that he had two Guinness beers and two shots of Black Label. He then agreed to take a series of standardized sobriety tests.

Based upon his performance during testing and the officers’ experience, it was determined that he was unfit to operate a motor vehicle safely and was taken into custody. A search of Alexandre produced three grams of marijuana from his pocket.

Alexandre was taken to police headquarters where he was processed. He agreed to take a chemical breathalyzer test, which produced blood alcohol readings of .139 and .154 percent. He was issued a summons for driving under the influence first offense, possession of marijuana, and laned roadway violations. He was later transported to Kent hospital for detox.


While on patrol in the area of Jefferson Boulevard on December 10 at approximately 4 p.m., Sergeant Stephen Major was advised by dispatch that there was a hit and run accident on Post Road involving an occupied vehicle and that the suspect vehicle had hit a mini school bus. The suspect vehicle was described as a silver Toyota occupied by two females.

Sgt. Major reported that he believed the car would be getting on Rout 95 via Route 37, and proceeded to the area. He then observed a gray Toyota with two women, and began to follow. He then observed the car straddle the white lines marking lanes of travel. A traffic stop was then conducted just prior to the Cranston Line.

Contact was made with the driver, identified as Vanessa Carey, 39, of 12 Cherokee Street in Boston, Mass. The officer detected signs of intoxication, and observed a half full bottle of liquor in the center console with the cap off. She stated that she was not involved in the accident on Post Road with the bus. Sgt. Major then observed damage to the suspect vehicle that appeared to indicate that it had made contact with the bus.

As the conversation with Carey continued, she stated that she had a few sips of the alcohol and that she also had some nips. She then agreed to take a field sobriety test. Before the test began, Carey allegedly began to cry and stated the she “needed to be arrested.” She then stated, “if I hit a bus, I need to be arrested.” She then proceeded to take the tests.

Based upon her performance during the test, the accident and the officer’s interactions with Carey, it was determined that she was unfit to operate a motor vehicle. She was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters. Her passenger was given a courtesy ride from the scene.

The report notes that the passenger had taken the bottle of alcohol, later determined to be brandy, and emptied it onto the floor and then jammed the bottle into the passenger door pocket. The bottle was seized as evidence.

At the station, Carey refused to take a breath test. She was charged with failure to stop for an accident, driving under the influence first offense, refusal to submit to a chemical test, and laned roadway violations.


On November 30 at approximately 6:55 p.m., Officer Javier Cabreja was dispatched and asked to assist with a call involving a single motor vehicle accident. While en route, dispatch advised that in the parking lot of the Greenwich Village Apartments on Lambert Lind Highway that there was a car that has crashed into a tree. It appeared that the driver may be intoxicated, and that they may have hit a vehicle in the roadway before going into the lot. Additional officers and Warwick Fire personnel were also headed to the scene.

At the scene contact was made with the driver, identified as Victor Felipe, 30, of 136 Henry Street Apt. 6 in Stamford, Conn. Officers at the scene had difficulty communication with Felipe as he only spoke Spanish. Officer Cabreja, who speaks Spanish, assisted. Based upon the accident and their interactions with Felipe, a field sobriety test was conducted.

Based upon his performance during the tests, Felipe was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence. His car was towed from the scene and he was transported to police headquarters. At the station, he agreed to take a chemical breathalyzer test, which produced blood alcohol readings of .246 and .248 percent.

Felipe was charged with driving under the influence, first offense, and duty to stop for an accident. He was later transported to Kent Hospital for detox.


On December 7 at 10:45 a.m., Officer Tammy Mello was dispatched to Cedar Pond Drive in reference to a vehicle that had its tires and rims stolen sometime overnight.

At the scene he met with the reporting party, who told the officer that her 2017 Mercedes has the rims and tires stolen. She informed the officer that she parked her car in the apartment complex lot at 9 p.m., and when she came out she found the car resting on rocks without wheels. The rims were valued at $4,000. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


At approximately 1:30 on December 9, Officer Michael Walker responded to City Park for a report of a purse stolen from a vehicle.

At the scene the officer met with the victim, who said she arrived at the park around noon and parked in the far parking lot behind the softball fields. She said that her purse was on the passenger’s side partially concealed under the front seat. When she returned to the vehicle she discovered that the driver’s side window had been broken.

Taken from the car was the purse, which contained a checkbook, bank card, Visa card, driver’s license, a cell phone, and other personal cards along with $50. The woman indicated that she wished to press charges if a suspect was found. A check of the surrounding area for the purse was unsuccessful.


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