Warwick Police return to Live PD


Don’t fret if you missed Warwick episodes of “Live PD” or you just are wishing for more of the TV show.

In response to an inquiry yesterday, Col. Stephen McCartney said “Live PD” has been in contact with the department and, “We have agreed and will be going back on the show starting this weekend.” The show will be running until the Thanksgiving weekend.

Thus far, Warwick is the only Rhode Island municipal department to be featured on the show that, as its name implies, gives viewers a live view of police work. There is also some “B roll” footage – scenes taken at various locations involving officers – that is integrated into the episodes.

McCartney said the officers involved work during the times of the show (9 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday); the 2nd platoon-patrol division, community police, and night traffic officers. He said there might be some minor tweaking of some officers’ schedules working directly with camera crews, but that otherwise the show has not been disruptive.

“The WPD participation in PD Live has been a positive experience in which we are able to show our constituents how our officers respond to the many differing types of calls, some very challenging, that police are called to,” McCartney said in an email.

“Since there are societal expectations placed on police in an ever growing mantle of transparency that has moved police outside their role as traditional crime fighters, we now are deeply immersed in working in our neighborhoods as peacekeepers, mediators and problem solvers in areas such as quality of life and looking for solutions that combine our skill sets with research from academia that allow us to examine the roots of crime. ‘Live PD’ may have its critics, but it also presents the public with an updated look at societal reality instead of reading about it in a book or a paper,” he said.

McCartney said the city receives an “insignia” fee that covers associated costs due to the department’s participation in the show (gas, equipment wear and tear, and associated OT/CB expenses if incurred). He said the money goes into the general fund of the city.

“Live PD” airs on A&E. The program features episodes filmed with departments across the country.


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