Warwick Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

Security at the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall told police on March 13 that they saw Keith J. Shalvey, 30, of 14 Sherri Dr. in Coventry buy several items from their tool section and then got back to the automotive section and use the shopping bag to conceal three wrench sets before he walked out of the store without paying for the concealed wrenches that cost a total of $144.95 He was later released with a summons.

A Providence woman was accused of taking a comforter set worth $179.20 from the stock at Kohl’s in the Rhode Island Mall and presenting it at the return counter as a merchandise return on March 20. Jocelyn B. Marcotte, 33, of 160 Broad St. in Providence was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and being a habitual shoplifter after her record was checked and police found merchandise from other stores and an EBT card that did not belong to her. She was held for arraignment.

Jacelyn Blow, 25, of 100 Main St. in Hope was charged with stealing $236.64 worth of Enfamil from the Shaw’s supermarket on Warwick Avenue on March 19. Police said they also found prescription drugs and five syringes on her. She was held for the Bail Commissioner.

A 29-yearold Saunderstown woman told police she was inside Planet Fitness on Pace Boulevard around 7 p.m. on March 24 and returned to find the passengers side window smashed and her purse missing. She said there were numerous credit and bank cards in the purse, along with her identification and $1,000 in cash. No witnesses.

Officer Christian Vargas reported he was dispatched to the Dunkin Donuts at 860 Post Rd. on March 19 around 4:40 p.m. for an accident with no injuries. He said he arrived to find a pickup truck pushed up onto the curb with substantial rear end damage. He said the driver of the pickup told Vargas he was in the lot, drinking his coffee when he was violently rear-ended by a black Jeep, and then pointed to the Jeep, a few spaces over. Vargas said the driver was still behind the wheel of the Jeep and mumbled when he was asked about what happened and said he claimed he spilled coffee on his lap and was distracted and that caused him to lose control of the Jeep and he hit the back of the truck. He said he asked the drivers for their paperwork and noticed that the Jeep driver was unsteady on his feet and leaned on the vehicle to keep his balance. He said the man had little luck locating his papers and ended up spreading them all over the ground beside the driver’s door. He said the driver appeared to be under the influence of some drug and the driver said he was on methadone but denied taking any additional drugs. He did admit he had a prescription for Oxycontin but did not take any that day. Vargas requested that an officer certified in narcotics recognition be dispatched to the scene. Officer Jedidiah Pineau arrived and examined the driver and said he suspected the driver was on drugs because of his demeanor and the constricted pupils indicated the driver was on drugs. He said the driver failed a field sobriety test and said he had knee surgery about a year before but agreed to try the test. Vargas said he stopped the test when it appeared the driver might hurt himself. He said a portable breath analyzer indicated no alcohol. Thomas R. Carlo, 52, of 139 Aborn Ave. in Warwick was arrested for suspicion of DUI and taken to Kent Hospital where he refused to take a blood test. He was taken back to headquarters where he was processed and charged with DUI and refusal and then taken back to Kent for detox. Vargas said an inventory search of Carlo’s vehicle turned up a prescription for oxycodone and two empty prescription bottles, one for soma and another for oxycodone. The bottle that contained pills had 42 30mg pills left from an oxycodone prescription for 75 pills that had been filled the day before. He said he asked Carlo where the other pills were and he told him he left them at home. Vargas said he told him earlier that he had moved out of his home and taken all his belongings with him. He was charged with DUI and refusal.

Officer Hovsep Sarkisian reported he was on patrol around 1:30 a.m. on March 24 when he got a call about an intoxicated woman assaulting a customer at the Sunoco station on Post Road who then fled onto Kilvert Street. He said Sgt. Thomas Snow called in that he had located tphe suspect vehicle on Jefferson Boulevard and was following it and that he was pulling it over. Sarkisian said he met Snow near the Route 37 ramp and told him he saw the car swerving in and out of lanes and over the double yellow line before he stopped it. Sarkisian said the woman appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. He said she claimed she only had one beer. He said the driver agreed to a field sobriety test and failed it. He said she was also given a preliminary breath test and blew a .141 on the portable analyzer. He said he transported Samantha J. Paolino, 21, of 138 Shadow Brook Dr. in Warwick became belligerent on the way to headquarters and threatened to sue Sarkisian and called him a “bitch” and other usually feminine insults and said he was harassing him. He said he asked her to take a breath test at headquarters and she asked him for advise and he told her he could not advise her and she had to make up her own mind. He said she eventually refused the test but continued to threaten to sue him and have his job and his house. Paolino was charged with DUI and refusal and later released to a sober adult.

Officer William DiGiulio reported a drunk driving in progress on March 24 around 1:25 a.m. The driver of a van told the dispatcher he was following the car on Post Road near Roger Williams Auto Sales when he had to drive off the road to avoid being hit by the car and had followed it onto Coyle Street and then onto Prospect Street, where the suspect pulled off the road. DiGiulio said he arrived there about the same time and other police arrived and took a statement from the witness while he gave a field sobriety test to the suspect. He said the driver told him someone was following her and that was why she pulled over. He said she smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to be drunk and failed a field sobriety test. He said he arrested the driver and took her to headquarters where she blew a .154 and a .160 blood alcohol content on the breath test.

Officer Michael Walker reported an accident in the area of 4162 Post Rd. around 2:15 a.m. on March 23. He said he found a Nissan Pathfinder with heavy front-end damage from colliding with a telephone pole hard enough to break the pole at the base. He said a female standing beside the SUV said she was the driver and told him she was reaching for her cell phone when she lost control and hit the pole but Walker said he noticed she smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes and had difficulty maintaining her balance. He said she agreed to a field sobriety test and she failed it. He said she also agreed to a preliminary breath test on the portable analyzer and that indicated a blood alcohol content of .266. He said Warwick Rescue arrived and said she should be taken to the hospital for evaluation because she was not wearing a seatbelt and her head had cracked the windshield. Walker said Briana J. Derry, 30, of 80 Ferncrest Ave. in Cranston refused a blood test at the hospital and was charged with DUI and refusal and left in the car of the hospital staff.


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