We deserve a better future


To the Editor:

On June 27 the capacity audience of concerned residents and taxpayers met at the Warwick Public Library and listened to the highly respected Rhode Island former Supreme Court Judge Robert Flanders deliver a remarkable speech concerning Warwick’s financial crisis. His honesty and integrity with facts and figures was in sharp contrast to the elected officials governing our city debt and financial future.

Mayor Solomon, whom I have always admired, responded with these words: “People drumming up fear about the city’s financial condition were either seeking attention or were operating under false pretenses. I do not agree with any of that talk. I believe it’s inaccurate and ill advised. They are running on rumors, emotions and not facts.” Sorrowfully, these words are not accurate or helpful, in my opinion.

I have lived in Warwick for 55 years and have just been given a 16 percent increase in my tax bill, the highest increase ever, by far. The hundreds and hundreds of dollars, consequently, have had the sad effect of greatly reducing the value of my Korean War veteran and elderly exemptions. Who said that being 88 doesn’t come with money problems? Verizon just increased my monthly bill by $30 – 35 percent since January. Why I retired from the Warwick School Committee I’ll never know. The $26,000 yearly income has already been greatly missed. Luckily, total income taxes should be reduced.

In closing, I hope every reader of the excellent Warwick Beacon had the opportunity to read the extraordinary and remarkable letter entitled “At the breaking point” (7/16/19) by Mike Underwood of Warwick. It was a message of an inevitable fiscal crisis, possibly leading to receivership. This can only be prevented by our elected officials exhibiting the leadership, bravery and simple guts that appears to be sorely missing at present.

We cannot allow the glass to be half empty in Warwick. All of us deserve a better future. What are the odds?

Eugene Nadeau



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I also feel that this fiscal group hell bent on bankruptcy is not the answer either. Flanders came to town for one thing..... MONEY. Don’t let the village idiots fool you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
right on

Great article Mr. Nadeau. Solomon for years castigated Avedisian (rightful so) for not addressing the fiscal storm Warwick was facing. What's happened to Joe.

He signs the Avedisian negotiated contracts knowing full well we couldn't afford them. Joe presents a laughable contract with the fire dept and like usual the greedy WFD weren't happy with it. The WFD did the taxpayers a favor.

Most people who had faith in Joe are now very disillusioned and disappointed.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Poor Stacia... still has her panties in a bunch over the WFD. Are you even still a resident?

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hey Jimmy....

Many taxpayers know the WFD has been ripping us off for years.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Hillsgrove Hal

If the situation was not so serious, this would actually be funny:

"People drumming up fear about the city’s financial condition were either seeking attention or were operating under false pretenses," says Mayor Solomon.

Hmm... I seem to remember him standing up in front of the city in February and claiming that the city was on the verge of financial collapse, and that the city's surplus funds were in freefall.

Then, that he changed his tune within weeks, claiming credit for the city's good fiscal condition reported in the FY18 audit (even though he was only mayor for 45 days of that fiscal year).

Maybe Solomon should look in the mirror before he scolds other people for trying to "drum up fear about the city's financial condition."

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Lol, that FBI raid is coming... lol. I can guarantee you that if we held a citywide poll about who was more respected the WFD or Stacia, you probably wouldn’t get over 20 votes. You are a looney and everyone knows it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Jimmy, I don't know who Stacia is but the WFD needs a reality check. They are like the PFD, willing to bankrupt the city to spite themselves. Just plain dumb. The math doesn't add up.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


How is the WFD trying to bankrupt the city? They are trying to negotiate meaningful changes everyday. What does the mayor do? Makes up a fake FBI story, insists on the most idiotic demands (non monetary issues) be included in a new contract. If the city only knew how this guy rules the city. When his own people walk away shaking their head you know there is something going on. It’s time to stop blaming the workers and look at the man who has been helping run the city for 20+ years.

Friday, August 23, 2019


The WPD and other city workers agreed to substantial changes to help the city. The WFD has not. The benefits are unsustainable as is. WFD is unwilling to budge, hence the lawsuit over change in pensions. If the city goes under, all pensions are in jeopardy. Can't understand why WFD can't understand simple math. Always attacking messengers like Cushman and Cody and Block.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Unwilling to budge? Who said that. The court ruled it must be negotiated, that’s what going on now. The WPD and city worked NEGOTIATED it into the contract. Why wouldn’t we do the same. Cushman, not a bad guy. Don’t agree with some of his points. Block, picks and chooses his argument to suit his needs. Facts are mostly incorrect from him. Cote? Full blown idiot. No one will ever get behind him. He hasn’t figured that out yet.

Friday, August 23, 2019