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We hate it when a good idea goes bad. Such is the case in this gross attempt at comedy.

Jason Sudeikis plays David, a two-bit drug dealer who is coerced into becoming a drug smuggler. Getting a huge amount of marijuana from Mexico to the United States requires a bit on ingenuity, and David comes up with a clever plan: rent an RV and “hire” a family, acting as a typical family on vacation. Not a bad premise. He hires his neighbor, who just happens to be a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a nerdy teenager (Will Poulter) and a street kid (Emma Roberts). Off they go to Mexico to pick up the pot. So far so good.

The writers decide to gross out their audience along the way, throwing in disgusting scenes involving oral sex, swinging and a spider bite below the belt. The younger members of the audience who were laughing at the sexual innuendos let out a collective groan at the close-up view of the spider bite.

To add a bit of action, the writers have the Mexican drug dealers chasing the Millers across the dessert and hooking them up with a retired DEA officer and his weird family.

The “Millers” finally bond as a family, as you knew they would from the beginning, but not before getting on your nerves and using the F bomb at least 100 times.

Rated a big R, for all the reasons above. Oh yes, it is not at all funny. 


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