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(Romantic comedy)

”What If” asks the question: Can your best friend also be your lover?

Daniel Radcliffe plays Wallace, a medical school dropout, fresh off a breakup, who meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator in a Toronto firm, at a party and forms an immediate friendship.

Chantry has a live-in boyfriend, who is always off to one country or another as a U.N. attorney.

Wallace and Chantry find that they have a lot in common and spend a lot of time together, talking about every issue under the sun. You can see where this one is going, as the “just friends” situation gets challenged at every turn.

Wallace’s best friend is in a serious romance, where sex is a key ingredient, challenging his feelings towards Chantry, while both Wallace and Chantry are in serious denial.

Can they continue their platonic relationship, especially as Zoe’s boyfriend grows farther away? What do you think?

Radcliffe and Kazan make a believable couple. Neither is the image of movie-star sexiness but are more like the boy and girl next door. We get a predictable, schmaltzy ending, but that’s what we expect and want. “What If” is another of those nice, little, romantic, feel-good movies for a summer afternoon.

Rated PG-13, with sexual references, minor profanity and a bit of nudity.


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