What was overlooked


To the Editor:

In response to the Thursday, Nov. 14 front page disingenuous endorsement of “Monstergate,” please note that in addition to the preposterous fantasy of convention hotel goers staggering up to the wonders of a miraculously transformed Apponaug, something rather important was overlooked, i.e. the proposed zone change consists of:

1. General business and open space, with exemptions for a building with greater than allowable setback;

2. On a lot with less than required coastal and freshwater wetlands setback;

3. Less than required parking area setback;

4. Less than required parking spaces;

5. Greater than allowed driveway width;

6. Less than required loading spaces;

7. Less than required landscape buffer along street frontage.

Newspapers are assumed to print both sides of the news, presumably without prejudice. May I assume this important data will appear in equally large headlines on the front of next Tuesday’s paper?

Lynn Potter Vosselman



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