When three men appeared


Months of toy making had come to a close,

All the readied toys were stacked in endless rows.

Days later, Santa and his reindeer were on their way,

Leaving behind a North Pole in total disarray.

The workshop was littered with straw and scraps of wood,

And imperfect toys that were not quite gifting good.

Not as presents would these toys survive,

But their time to live was about to arrive.

The workshop was silent- without sound or word,

Then, as if on cue, every toy stirred.

Their movements, though, weren’t the biggest surprise,

Each one was whole with hands, legs, tails and eyes.

A doll went to the window and saw that it had snowed,

And noticed people trudging along North Pole Road.

Two frozen and tired people were coming their way,

Clearly in need of a place to stay.

The travelers were welcomed in from the cold,

To them the workshop was a sight to behold.

Wood and straw had become a bed for a baby,

The woman announced, “I’m not expecting, but some day, maybe.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door,

Three men appeared. They’d never been here before.

One said, “We’ve come for this couple. They’ve been missing for a day.

We found their car about a mile away.”

After a short time, the people said good-bye,

Then ventured out under a dark moonlit sky.

Sometime in the hours leading up to dawn,

The “wholeness” the toys had known was gone.

By very early morning the toys had learned,

That Santa and his reindeer had returned.

In an instant, all the toys were back on the shelves,

Jokingly Santa said, “My night was very busy. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.”

He had barely finished speaking his last word,

When, from one of the shelves, a giggle was heard.

Allan Windle



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