Where's the fish?


To the Editor:

I took a ride down to Rocky Point last week and was surprised to see the beautiful parking lot they had built; they even had about a dozen spots for the handicapped.

The only trouble is it’s about a quarter of a mile from the water; as a handicapped person I would like to say thanks for nothing.

While I’m at it, I would like to thank the city for building that fishing pier on Gorton Pond. For about one-tenth of the cost you could have fixed up the one at Rocky Point where you could catch bluefish, stripers, flounder, tautog and scup; not the dinky little sunfish you catch at the handicapped pier on Gorton Pond.

Someone could have opened a bait shop, a burger joint where they sold Del’s Lemonade, ice cream and actually give people a reason to go there other than just to look at the water that I can do at the end of just about any street on Warwick Neck and I don’t even have to leave my car.

Robert De Vey

Editor’s Note: The Gorton Pond Pier was built with a combination of state and nonprofit foundation grants.


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