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(Exciting but outrageous action movie)

Action movie fans will love this outrageous but exciting movie that comes on the heels of “Olympus Has Fallen,” a similar story about bad guys taking over the White House.

Channing Tatum, one of the hottest actors on the scene today, gives a convincing portrayal of Cale, a war hero who wants to join the Capitol Police but doesn’t quite fit the mold. The divorced father of an adorable girl, Cale tries to win her over by taking her on a tour of the White House. They get caught up in an outrageous attempt by a group of terrorists to bring the White House down.

Father and daughter get separated. Daughter hides from the bad guys, taking pictures of them from behind desks and pillars. Father ends up with the president (Jamie Foxx), risking his life to save him.

Tatum and Foxx make a great team, adding a bit of humor as they banter away while dodging bullets and bombs.

Two Rhode Islanders play major roles in the film, both heavily involved in the outcome of the story. Warwick native James Woods plays the head of the Secret Service, while Cumberland’s Richard Jenkins plays the Speaker of the House, third in line for the presidency. Keep a close eye on both of them.

Nicolas Wright plays a tour guide who also has a big role in the outcome, but not before delivering some of the funniest lines along the way. The humor breaks up the incredible tension that builds to a crescendo in the bizarre conclusion that goes on a bit too long. We learn why the terrorists take over the White House and who their accomplices are...all a little beyond belief.

But if you want over two hours of nonstop action and adventure with decent acting and a bit of fun along the way, “White House Down” is the escapism movie of the summer. Rated PG-13, with violence, tension and a little profanity.


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