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Why I love Airbnb


Several years ago, I signed up on Airbnb. Unlike most people that use it for traveling, I applied to be a host. It was a decision that was made in an effort to keep my home due to a recent break-up. I have always liked hosting parties, and meeting new people having been in the health, wellness and beauty industry for over 40 years so it seemed like a good fit. At the time I was 57 and not that computer or Airbnb savvy so I turned to my daughter for help. She was 31 at the time and her nimble fingers and knowledge about Airbnb had me signed up in less than 10 minutes.

To my surprise I received my first guest request within 15 minutes. I rushed to Walmart to purchase sheets and towels and all the things I thought I would need to be the hostest with the mostest. My first guest arrived later that week and a journey that I have come to love began.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were some pitfalls. Unbeknownst to me, having an Airbnb required some permits and changes to my home. I found that out the hard way. A neighbor anonymously reported me to the City of Warwick. I received a letter from the zoning board that started a two-year and over $2,000 worth of expenses journey to comply to their standards. I am by nature a rule follower and did everything they requested. Because Airbnb was new and the city wasn’t sure how to classify it, it was frustrating at best.

Finally, after two years, I was legal! It has been a wonderful journey including guests from all over the world. Some are here as tourists, some visiting family and some for not so happy reasons. I love showing Warwick and Rhode Island to my guests and people are impressed with the littlest state in the union. I have been a super host since day one. This is a classification that Airbnb gives you based on your reviews, response rate and other criteria. I provide breakfast, which many don’t. This is funny to me because the second B in Airbnb stands for breakfast.

It was a good economic decision for me allowing me to do some home improvements and giving me more time to spend with my precious granddaughters.

The City of Warwick continues to struggle with monitoring the Airbnb’s in Warwick. Recently, I attended a meeting with the mayor and am hopeful that with some follow-through all the Airbnb’s in city will be required to register and comply to the standards that I did.

I have heard some horror stories of Airbnb’s in Warwick from guests. Sometimes I have people here attending weddings or family reunions and they have friends or family staying in the area. My goal is for everyone’s stay in Warwick to be positive and safe.

So, if you are having family or friends visit have them look me up. I have loads and loads of great reviews and can now boost the fact that I have friends from all over the world. I’ve also had the pleasure of many people returning. I will make sure they have a wonderful stay! I am the only legal listing on Airbnb. You can find me under “Harbor View Suite or “Seaside Escape.”

Contact me with any questions or follow my blog, SixtiesandSexy@

gmail.com or SixtiesAndSext.net.


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