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To the Editor:

In less than a week, Rhode Island will hold its primary election. I am asking your readers’ support in my quest to be a delegate for Newt Gingrich.

While channel surfing the other night, I came upon Newt giving a national speech. The first shock was seeing him for more than a two-second sound bite, selected carefully by the leftward media to make him look like an egotistical idiot. The second shock was how many of his ideas were sound, sensible and would help get our country back on track. I was reminded again what an articulate speaker he is. Within five minutes, he had offered his suggestions for getting people back to work. He posed the idea that in the 99 weeks a person can collect unemployment, that person could get an associate’s degree and be trained in a new field. He spoke of states like North Dakota, where there are unfilled jobs due to the scarcity of workers with needed skills. He challenged our leaders to stop taking a "nothing we can do about it" approach to the high cost of oil, and cited price drops in natural gas.

If nothing else, listening to Newt forces you to ask questions and wonder. Why does our big-spending government keep doing things the wrong way? Is it the crony capitalism of the current crew running the ship? Newt makes me wonder about the way we have always done things. He is not afraid to ask questions that might make people uncomfortable. He brings his thorough, broad knowledge of history to any discussion of current events. Even his critics concede that this sort of deep, analytical thinking is lacking in our sound-bite political culture.

I’d like to engage Newt at the Republican convention and bring him your ideas for helping Rhode Island out of its self-induced financial disaster. Please vote for Newt Gingrich on April 24.

Joe Thompson
Candidate for Newt Gingrich, 2nd RI District
North Kingstown


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