Why RI needs a change in government


To the Editor:

Another General Assembly session has ended with an over $8 billion budget full of reckless spending and new strictly regressive taxation to pay for it. Couple the results of this session with the past license given to the costly 38 Studios debacle, and unquestionably, it is time for these miscarriages of the legislative branch of our government to cease.
The aristocracy of our dubious legislative body are participants in a circus of self-congratulations and self-service rather than a deliberative assembly serving the common people's needs. The well connected and well lobbied steer the ship of lawmaking while the majority of the General Assembly have neither adequately scrutinized or even glanced at the bills that become our laws.
Thus, a radical change is needed. We must start anew and reconstitute our legislative branch of government. A full-time unicameral legislative body with a reasonable, livable salary would invite candidates other than teachers, lawyers and unionists to seek office.
Furthermore, 50 assemblymen rather than the current 113 Senators and Representatives would likely be more responsive to constituents and more studious in consideration of proposed bills.
The governor's chair would become more empowered, in consideration of a less unweilding legislature, and therefore a future more competent governor could effectuate programs of positive change.
Obviously, the current system does not work and the history of ineptitude along with the accommodation of special interests must stop. A Constitutional Convention should be called. We must start anew!

Christopher M. Curran
West Warwick


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