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(Gothic love story)

Another romantic movie for the season, this one with slightly older characters than “Endless Love.”


Colin Farrell stars as Peter, a common thief who falls madly in love with Beverly (Jessica Brown Findlay), a wealthy young lady dying of consumption. They meet as he is robbing her house in New York City in 1916 and become inseparable.

The love story takes on a fantastical, gothic air as Peter is chased by his former boss Pearly (Russell Crowe) for leaving his gang. Pearly, it turns out, is more than a thug. He is the devil personified, or at least one of his subjects.

The long (2 hours) and at times confusing tale has Peter leaving the early 1900s after Beverly’s death (You know it’s coming; it’s even in the previews) and somehow showing up lost in present day New York City.

He meets a woman (Jennifer Connelly) with a sickly daughter and suddenly discovers his destiny, which involves the young girl. Meanwhile, Pearly is still on his tail.

The movie has an interesting ethereal glow to it, and if you can suspend logic and see it as a fantasy, you’ll enjoy a variety of twists and turns.

The theory that it may be possible to love someone so completely that they cannot die is carried out in a weird fashion, right up to the appearance of an older woman who sets Peter on a different path.

Appearances by William Hurt, Eva Marie Saint and the uncredited Will Smith add to the star quality of this unusual film.

And then there’s this strange white horse...

If you are in the mood for an unusual story and are a bit of a romantic, you may enjoy “Winter’s Tale.” Rated PG-13, with a bit of violence but nothing much to worry about.


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