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(Dark, violent Marvel superhero flick)

Hugh Jackman makes a credible Wolverine in this dark, violent flick based on the Marvel Comics character. Watching him deal with the forces of evil as he changes from immortal to vulnerable is the best part of the movie.

The plot is convoluted and the violence goes on much too long. The concept is an interesting one: What toll does immortality take on Logan when he is tired of living?

There are loads of villains in this one, including a sexy but dangerous Viper, complete with a snake-like tongue and some “bad breath” (Svetana Khodchenova). Set mostly in Japan, the movie goes inside the seamier parts of the country, while also showing how the rich and powerful live,

The two-hour adventure begins with Wolverine trapped in an underground cell when the Americans bomb Nagasaki. He saves a Japanese soldier, an act that comes back to haunt him years later.

While 007 has the Bond Girls, Logan has the Wolverine girls, all related in some way to the family of the man he saved, who is now old and dying and offering Logan a chance for mortality.

If all this sounds a bit overwhelming, it is, although it is interesting watching the innovative uses of Wolverine’s sharp metal claws that protrude and retract from his fists.

There are kidnappings, escapes, chases, long battles and a funny hideout in a “love hotel,” as Wolverine tries to protect the granddaughter of the man he saved.

If you like action movies, there’s plenty to like in this movie. If you hang around for the credits, you’ll see a set-up for next summer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Rated PG-13, with loads of violence, a bit of sex and one use of the famous four-letter word.


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