Worst drivers...What else is new?


In the recently released “Allstate America’s Best Drivers List,” Providence was revealed to be the third-worst city for drivers.

Are we supposed to be surprised?

While we may love our state unconditionally, it’s time to face facts. If there is a list ranking the various states in something, we can usually find Rhode Island near the bottom (or top if it is being the worst in something). Now it’s driving.

While it may be stereotypical, let’s think about driving in Rhode Island for a minute.

Traffic is almost always blocked by someone waiting to make a left-hand turn. It is considered a day trip to make the 45-minute drive from one side of the state to the other. Rhode Island drivers also take pride in being able to cross from the high-speed lane to the exit across I-95 in about five seconds.

Also, how can our roadways be considered easy to navigate when one street has, on average, three names, and directions are given based on businesses that haven’t been there for years (Just turn left at the old Almacs … you all know exactly where that is).

And don’t even get us started on how everyone has suddenly forgotten what a blinker is since they took their driver’s test.

It is often said that driving in Rome, Italy is the worst because of its tiny roadways and twisted streets. Let’s drop one of those drivers in Providence with all of the potholes, random one-ways and construction sites.

We could probably give Romans a run for their money.

So when it is announced that Rhode Island’s capital city has some of the worst drivers in the country, excuse us if we don’t act shocked and offended. In all honesty, we have known that all along, and in a way, we are probably proud of it.

And don’t even think about parking…that is a whole different problem for a different day.


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