Police Log - 03/19/19



Officer Michael T. Isherwood responded to a residence on Narragansett Parkway on Feb. 25 for a report of larceny of a snowblower.

Isherwood met with the homeowners, who said that their snowblower had been taken during the night. Police said the approximate value of the snowblower was $1,300. One of them told Isherwood that she had let the dogs out as she usually does the night before, and the snowblower was in its usual spot under a tarp in its normal condition.

She let the dogs out again around 1:40 a.m. on the morning of Feb. 25 when she realized the tarp was 10 feet away and the snowblower was missing.

Isherwood performed checks of neighboring homes, but none of them had security cameras.

Detective Darren C. Parrillo took up the case from late February up until the present, during which time he has searched for any snowblowers turned in to local pawn shops. Both that effort and searches of Craigslist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts were met with negative results. Police said Parrillo also was not able to find a matching description on Facebook Marketplace.

The case has been suspended, according to police, due to lack of any further evidence establishing a suspect.


Officers Tyler J. Mobrice and Javier Cabreja responded to the area of TJ Maxx/Homegoods at 1245 Bald Hill Road on March 6 for a report of shoplifting in progress.

Mobrice said prior to their arrival, they had been informed the suspect was a thin black male, standing approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall and wearing a baggy, dark jacket and jeans. Mobrice said he was told the suspect left the store on foot and could have possessed a firearm.

They met with the store manager, who said employees asked her to speak with the reporting customer. Police said the customer told the manager the suspect stole handbags and showed her a firearm. The suspect fled the store without making an attempt to pay, but she could not confirm the suspect was carrying a firearm. She told police the suspect “displayed a bulge in his waist band” that she believed was a firearm.

Police could not locate the suspect. The manager later provided surveillance footage that showed five handbags with a total value of nearly $4,850 were stolen.

Detective Matthew Smith reviewed the footage and witnessed a black male enter the store and select five handbags. He then exited without paying. However, Smith said he could not observe any identifiable features for the suspect. An online search could not locate any of the handbags.

Police said the case was closed pending further information.


Officer Jessica L. Masso reported to Kent Hospital at 455 Toll Gate Road on the morning of March 8 for a report of shoplifting.

She was advised that a suspect – identified as Michael Murphy, 24, of 1016 Main St., West Warwick – was in custody with hospital security. Security told Masso that Murphy was suspected of stealing approximately $135 in miscellaneous clothing items from the gift shop.

Murphy told Masso that he was visiting his girlfriend, for whom he stole the items, in the ICU. Masso said Murphy told her he planned on paying for the items at a later date. Security told Masso they wanted to press charges.

After placing Murphy under arrest, Masso spoke with the gift shop manager. The manager told Masso that she saw a man walking around the store taking several items. She also wished to press charges and have Murphy trespassed from the hospital.

Murphy received a summons to appear in Third Division District Court on a charge of misdemeanor shoplifting.


Officers responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident in the area of T.F. Green Airport at 2000 Post Road on March 7.

Officer William R. Holz found two vehicles and made contact with both operators, one of whom was identified as Matthew Flad, 47, of 140 Lippitt Ave., Cranston. The other operator told police Flad was acting very strange, saying he was laughing to himself and “appeared very intoxicated.”

Flad, Holz said he made contact with Flad, who reportedly laughed, smiled and told the officer, “I guess I didn’t stop in time.” Holz said he detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from the interior passenger compartment.

While Flad was searching for his registration, Holz reports he noticed a sealed alcoholic beverage container that appeared to contain white wine in the vehicle’s rear cupholder. Holz said he asked Flad to exit the car, when he began shuffling his feet while walking toward the rear. Holz said Flad’s eyes were severely bloodshot and had to put his left hand on the driver side of the vehicle as he walked.

Holz said he noticed while speaking with Flad that a strong alcoholic odor was coming from his breath. Holz asked Flad twice if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages that day, to which he said he had not. The officer then asked Flad to submit to a series of a standardized field sobriety test, to which he agreed.

Holz said that Flad could not follow basic instructions during some of the tests, and eventually concluded that he was unfit to operate a motor vehicle. Sgt. Randy Francis arrived on scene, and Holz advised him of the investigation.

Flad was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to police headquarters, where he is said to have refused a chemical breath test.

Flad was issued a summons to appear in Third Division District Court on a charge of driving under the influence. He was additionally cited for refusal to submit to a chemical test, intervals between vehicles and no insurance, first offense.


Officer Gregory Johnston was among a group of officers who responded to a motor vehicle crash with injuries in the area of 600 Quaker Lane on the morning of March 7.

Warwick Fire Department personnel were on the scene attending to the occupant of a Toyota Yaris, who was taken to the hospital by rescue for treatment of neck and back pain. Johnson and Officer Julio Benros spoke to the other driver, who was identified as Michelle Thibault, 29, of 101 Walton Ave., Warwick. As they spoke with Thibault, Johnson noticed her speech to be slow and slurred. The officers noticed her eyes to be “glossy, moderately blood shot and her pupils were constricted.”

They asked her what happened, to which she replied, “I stopped, they didn’t.” The officers said they told her it appeared she rear-ended a vehicle that was reportedly stopped at a traffic light.

Thibault was asked to consent to a series of field sobriety tests, which she reportedly failed.

Thibault was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to police headquarters. She is said to have submitted to a chemical breath test, which reportedly found her blood alcohol content to be significantly above the legal limit.

Thibault was charged with driving under the influence and held as a bail violator.

A search of her vehicle is said to have revealed an open, half-full bottle of vodka in the back seat of her vehicle. State Police charged Francesco Rizzo, 67, 3438 Post Road, Warwick with driving under the influence and refusal to submit to a chemical test. Police said Rizzo was arrested after spotting his car traveling 105 mph down I-95 South in Providence. Rizzo was also issued citations for speeding, laned roadway violations and turn signal required.


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