Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc.: Time to schedule your fall clean-ups


The calendar may say that we are still five days away from the official start of autumn, but the cooler nights and chilly mornings tell a different story - fall has arrived! Now is the time to consider scheduling your fall cleanup contracts and to actually think ahead to the spring. Now is the time to enlist the services of Warwick's own "landscape renovator" - Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc. "Landscape renovators" do so much more than just mow your lawn; they literally transform your overgrown, neglected or "tired" property into something trimmed, groomed, cleared, and prepped for each season of growth, and dormancy.

Bob Gauthier, owner of Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc. is a landscape renovator whose sole purpose is to literally transform your property. That transformation may involve aerating your lawn or trimming your hedges, or it may extend to the more laborious work of re-designing your entire property. Yard Service Landscape Experts will do it all.

Autumn is the time to aerate, dethatch, over seed and slice seed your lawn. These procedures are labor intensive, time-consuming, require specialized equipment and are often just better left to the experts ~ the experts at Yard Service Landscape Experts.

The crews at Yard Service Landscape Experts, easily recognized by their signature red shirts and polished, fully equipped red trucks, will help you maintain, beautify and transform your property. They are competitively priced, reliable, fully insured and especially respectful of your time. Their many services include:

• Over seeding and slice- seeding your lawn

• Dethatching and aerating

• Sod and Hydro-seeding

• Weekly property maintenance

• Fall cleanups

• All phase of landscape construction

• Heavy duty brush removal and tree clearing

• Patio and walkways installations

• Landscaping maintenance and construction

When you contact Bob at Yard Service Landscape Experts, he will come to your home and give you a free estimate of the projected costs. No matter the job - whether a onetime job or an ongoing contract, the crews there will get the job done in a timely manner, to your satisfaction.

If the prospect of spending your precious time laboring over piles of leaves or crumbling walkways this fall is discouraging or if the notion of doing heavy yard work on your own is too overwhelming, then you need the help of Yard Service Landscape Experts, Inc. Call Bob Gauthier today at 828-1202 or contact him by email at bob@yardserviceexperts.com to set up your fall contract. Visit their website at www.yardserviceexperts.com to get a full listing of services.

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